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EDITION GRAN TONANTE HB, a editing business based in Sweden, offers previously unpublished vocal works composed between ca. 1700-1850 in reliable urtext editions, in modern notation - at very reasonable prices.

“Edition on demand” has developed into a trademark of EDITION GRAN TONANTE. Partners include the late Alan Curtis (Il Complesso barocco), Fabio Biondi (Europa Galante), Christophe Rousset (Les Talens Lyriques), the orchestra Il Pomo d'Oro, the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and many others.

In 2010 we published the first ever edition of the full-score of Jean-Baptiste Lully’s tragédie-lyrique BELLÉROPHON, prepared in occasion of performances and recording by Les Talens Lyriques. Score and parts are available exclusively from EDITION GRAN TONANTE.

Belcanto Rarities presents previously unpublished scores in carefully edited Urtext-editions.
Vol. I: Francesco Conti - L’ISSIPILE (Vienna 1732)
Vol. III: Francesco Maria Veracini – ADRIANO IN SIRIA (London 1735)
Vol. IV: Geminiano Giacomelli - CESARE IN EGITTO (Venice 1735)

In the Serie Porpora we're publishing vocal works of Nicolò Porpora. Already available: SEMIRAMIDE RICONOSCIUTA (Venice 1729), SEI DUETTI SACRI and L'AGRIPPINA (Naples 1709)

New series with lesser known song repertory and oratorios are in preparation.

About Us

Holger Schmitt-Hallenberg, main editor and founder of EDITION GRAN TONANTE was born in Speyer (Germany).

He studied Musicology, Literary Studies and Philosophy at the University Karlsruhe, where he took his 'Master of Arts' in 2000, with a study about 'Opera Seria'.

His passion for theatre and opera led to several internships, for example at the dramaturgy department of the Bayerische Staatsoper Munich and the Staatstheater Karlsruhe.

Holger was employed as dramaturg at the Staatstheater Karlsruhe and the Theater der Landeshauptstadt Magdeburg, before he took over the Singers' Department of the renowned Concert agency Schmid in Hannover, Germany.

During a Production of the 2000 Handel Festival in Karlsruhe he met the Swedish mezzosoprano Ann Hallenberg. After their marriage in 2002, they started to plan and realize many recital and recording projects together, focusing on lesser known repertory of the 18th and 19th century.

After the birth of their daughter, the family moved to Sweden, where Holger and Ann started researching the rich but mostly forgotten musical heritage of the country and in 2008, founded EDITION GRAN TONANTE HB. The editions of works by Zellbell, Åhlström, Stenborg and others - which were published by EDITION GRAN TONANTE in the series 'Archive of Swedish Vocal Music' - were later acquired by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and can be downloaded from their website.

In the meantime the focus of EDITION GRAN TONANTE has shifted to several more international publishing series, like the successful 'Collection of International Belcanto Rarities', consisting of previously unpublished large vocal works composed in the 18th century. Specialists and fellow musicologists are frequently collaborating on editions and/or introductory notes of each volume.

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